How to Clean Your Extractor Fan Properly

So while letting your extractor fan get dirty causes no end of headaches, the solution is breathtakingly simple.

What You’ll Need

  • Newspaper or an old sheet
  • Stepladder or a stable base (or just a really tall friend?)
  • Bucket of soapy water (washing up liquid is fine)
  • Wash cloth or rag
  • Towel
  • Duster*
  • Hoover/vacuum
  • Screwdriver (if your fan has a cover)

*We’ve seen people recommend a toothbrush or a paintbrush or similar. A duster is better idea since it’ll collect the dust, rather than just knock it out into your bathroom


  • Something to keep the filth out of your hair
  • If there are signs of mould, then use a facemask

Not Recommended:

  • Scouring agents or brush pads will scratch smooth surfaces and add more places for grime to collect


  • Turn off the power. Please. Just turn it off.
  • To turn it off, use either the switch or the circuit breaker
  • Lay down your sheet or newspaper in order to catch anything that falls out – which is hopefully just dust
  • Cover your mouth and hair or be prepared to breathe in some very unpleasant particles

Removing the Cover

  • Unscrew the cover and remove/slide it off
  • You might have to reach behind the cover once loose to undo any spring clips
  • If just a bit dusty: use a vacuum on both sides
  • If mouldy or sticky: Pop the cover into some soapy water of its own and let it soak


  • You can use a vacuum here, but a duster is likely easier and more effective
  • Dust behind the fans inside the vent
  • Clean behind the back of the fan blades, if possible
  • Sweep the rest of the fan unit with the duster
  • Remember that the goal is to remove the dust, not push it out into the rest of the room


  • Double check you turned the power off. Just for me. I worry
  • Dip your cloth or rag in the soapy water and get scrubbing in and around the unit
  • Wring it out between uses so you’re not just moving the dust around
  • You might need to scrub a few times, and you might have to scrub pretty hard


  • It’s important to dry everything properly, so give it a good wipe with a towel
  • Dry the cover, too

Replace the Cover

  • Once dry and completely clean, put the cover back on
  • Make sure everything is secure and the way it was before you started (except way cleaner)!

Published On: November 5, 2019Categories: Uncategorised