We provide a turnkey service for our clients

Both government and private landlords are involved in the social housing sector. As private rent costs continue to spiral out of control and energy prices soar, more and more people are likely to become reliant on social housing soon. 

At Facility Solutions, we work with several clients who operate in the social housing sector. We are quality-driven and customer-focused, and we provide residents with openness and transparency, quality performance, and constant development. We respect that this is someone’s home and that it ought to be treated with care and the utmost respect.

We provide a turnkey service to social housing providers and individual tenants and recognise that every project we work on is unique. Our team assists our social housing clients with a broad range of projects, from electrical and plumbing repairs to general painting and decorating. 

We are also involved in gardening and landscaping projects for our social housing clients, ensuring that our partner properties are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. 

Our team currently works with several clients in different parts of the country, and we’re proud to be the chosen partner of organisations that are helping people throughout society live in comfortable and amenable conditions.

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