Workplace hygiene is more vital than it has ever been. According to a GSK survey, 65 percent of consumers are now more likely to consider health while making daily decisions. We’re also seeing a shift toward hybrid work. If they are unsure of the cleanliness standards at their company, those who work flexibly and remotely part-time will surely prefer to spend as much time at home as feasible.

Employers should rethink their workplace health and hygiene plan when the country returns to common spaces and organisations reopen their places of business. Investing in workplace hygiene can pay dividends in terms of office efficiency and employee productivity. Below are some ways in which you can enhance the health and hygiene of your office space:

Improved Ventilation.

Improved ventilation is a vital part of minimizing COVID risk and enhancing workplace hygiene. Ventilation removes stale or contaminated air from a space and replaces it with fresh air. It has been demonstrated to dramatically minimize the risk of infection spread by the air.

Updated Cleaning Schedules.

The truth is that you can’t tell how clean a surface is just by looking at it. An environment that appears clean but has not been disinfected has a significant risk of disease transmission. Cleaning processes must be developed and scheduled in consideration of the site’s utilisation. Throughout the day, the cleaning crew should be aware of high-risk touch locations.

For example, doorknobs and light switches will be included. Cleaning should be scheduled based on the utilisation of the space and the amount of risk. Cleaning based on data and informed by regular swab tests can help to ensure a high degree of safety.

Hygiene Policy.

It is time for organisations that do not have a hygiene policy to develop one. Those who already have one should take the time to evaluate and update it. A written policy distributed to each employee encourages mutual responsibility for one another’s health and safety at work.

Promotion of Personal Hygiene.

If people don’t or can’t follow a hygiene procedure, it won’t have much of an impact. Soap dispensers must be restocked on a regular basis, and signage might assist remind people to wash their hands. Hand sanitiser can also be helpful in communal high-risk situations.

The Advantage of Improving Workplace Hygiene.

In addition to reducing the risk of coronavirus, clean and sanitary workplaces minimise the spread of any other infectious disease, such as the common cold or the yearly flu. Buildings that are poorly managed and ventilated can have such a negative impact that the problem has been dubbed “sick building syndrome.” This is not to be neglected, as absenteeism due to illness costs UK employers £16 billion per year. Clean offices and workplaces will be critical in attracting workers back, but they also promote productivity and well-being among users.

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Now more than ever, you shouldn’t take workplace hygiene for granted. As businesses are starting to return to normal, the last thing we need is another setback and a potential outbreak of an infectious disease within the office.

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Published On: August 12, 2021Categories: News