4 Reasons To Book A Commercial Maintenance Day With Facility Solutions

Facility Solutions are committed to providing high quality bespoke maintenance solutions to serve the needs of your facility, business or property. Founded in 2015, at Facility Solutions we recognise that your facility, business or property requires professional, reliable and cost-effective services to ensure maximum functionality minimum disruption.

Facility Solutions was born out of the realisation that commercial property managers need support with everyday tasks. Having worked in various commercial sectors, our team at Facility Solutions are fully aware of the myriad issues that rise from day to day.

Save Your Business Time & Resources

A Facility Solutions maintenance day can save your business valuable time and resource by enlisting our trusted and reliable team with your facility. Whether you book Facility Solutions for just 1 day or a whole week, we will provide an efficient service and complete the jobs to the highest quality. You can trust us to provide your facility with an a-class service.

Cost Effective

Hiring Facility Solutions to carry out the work at your commercial premises could be a cost-effective solution for your business by saving money on staffing costs. Good maintenance and repairs from an a-class company such as Facility Solutions will keep tenants happy and preserve the value of your building investment.

Better Efficiency

A maintenance day with Facility Solutions will provide your facility with an efficient service. Our excellent team who are experts in their field are hardworking and will ensure that all jobs are completed to the highest quality. As experts, Facility Solutions and our wider network of trusted tradesmen, we can provide high quality work in an efficient time frame.

Professional Service

Facility Solutions was founded in 2015 and we pride ourselves on providing professional facility solutions to your commercial property. From painting and decorating, to fixing ceiling tiles, building furniture, replacing carpet tiles, installing signage, landscaping and other general maintenance.

Facility Solutions provides commercial premises with “maintenance days”, which support your commercial facilities with our highly recommended and professional team of employees to complete maintenance jobs as required. A Facility Solutions maintenance day gives your business access to our expertise and support to complete jobs efficiently.

Our maintenance days run between 8-4:30pm, however we can offer overnight services at an additional rate. Rates are subject to number of days booked, please call us for more information. We can supply all materials required to complete the works on the day.

At Facility Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering high quality work and excellent customer service.


For more information on our maintenance days, please contact us;

0121 517 0177 | enquiries@facility-solutions.co.uk

Published On: November 1, 2022Categories: News